Internet Sensation Kitty Pryde Raps The “National Anthem Of Justin Bieber”

The Internet is going crazy for 19 year old Florida rapper Kitty Pryde’s track “Ok Cupid.” You could say she’s the bad girl’s Rebecca Black (although she sounds nothing like Black) or a cooler, less intense alternative to Kreayshawn. Or perhaps the hip hop Lana Del Rey. However you describe her, “Ok Cupid” is one of those songs made of crack that everyone can’t seem to get enough of. Including the press — her video just came out on May 14 and she’s already been written up in the New York Times (who compare and contrast her with Karmin), Complex magazine, Vice (who term her music “Tumblr-wave”), and the Huffington Post, to name a few.

The video, up on YouTube, is shot on webcam, largely in Pryde’s bedroom and yard. Her lackadaisical cadence on the chorus goes:

Lordy shorty you’re a 10,
And I’ll wait for your drunk dials at 3:30AM,
I love them.
So call me sober when you’re ready,
not going steady but babe I planned our wedding already.

In addition to the current greatest song making the rounds on the Internet, Pryde also posted a track called “Justin Bieber” in homage to the teen pop star and the trials of being a hormonal teenage girl. The Biebs also makes a quick guest appearance in the “Ok Cupid” video as well — in the form of a wall poster held up by one of Pryde’s friends.

If you think Pryde’s style is played for a joke, think again. She tells Vice, “I don’t think I’m following in [Kreayshawn’s] footsteps or anything, but the same kind of thing is happening, like ‘Oh she’s cute, this makes me laugh. It’s not good, but it’s funny.’ You send the link to your friends, and then it’s a big joke. Which is good, that’s what I wanted. But I want people to laugh with me, not laugh at me.”

So how is Kitty Pryde handling becoming an Internet sensation? She writes on her Tumblr, “so much discussion over a song i wrote in traffic to impress a boy its like making a grilled cheese and listening to hundreds of thousands of people bitch about how it isnt gourmet.”

Haters to the left.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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