OBSESSED! February Edition

These are a few of my favorite things! Haha…YES, Oprah inspired me…what can I say I love her! And I love the items below! At the end of every month I will share 5 things that I am currently obsessed with and UNLIKE Oprah these will all be much more affordable!

What I’ve been obsessed with in the month of February:

1. Cara Cara Oranges- Trader Joe’s

I love these! These oranges taste just a litttttle bit better than your average orange and the best part? They’re pink inside! Haha On the bag it says “I’m an orange but I’m pink!” Cute and yummy!

photo 3

2. Victoria’s Secret “You’re All Mine” hydrating body lotion- Victoria’s Secret

I usually prefer to wear my coconut smelling lotion…but I bought these as a gift for someone and HAD to buy one for myself! If you’ve ever smelled the PINK brand lotion and you like it, then you’ll LOVE this one! Smells a little like it but a more grown up, sexy version! Fresh & flirty I would say… It comes in a cute turquoise pump bottle so it’s easy if you just want to put some on real quick! Good to have at home and at your desk at work! 😉

lotion OBSESSED! February Edition

3. Flings Pop Up Recycle Bin

My roommates are not big on recycling and I am so I bought these to make it easier for them to recycle! Super cheap, small so you’re not using up a ot of room and it comes in a pack of 3 so that you can use all 3 at once if you want to sort the recycling OR use one at a time! These could be fin with kids too!


4. EOS Lip Balm

This is a new, fun, cute lip balm that you can find almost anywhere. They look like little balls and they come in different varieties. My favorite and the one I’ve been using is the pink strawberry sorbet one. It’s almost done so I’ll be getting a new one soon! So many to choose from!

o OBSESSED! February Edition

5. Shakeology!

I LOVE my shakeology and have it almost everyday! It tastes good, it’s helped me lose weight, and has all the essential viatmins and nutrients you need and should have in a meal. My trainer Jenny introduced it to me back in June and I have been obsessed with it since then!

photo 1

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