Awesome Girl Power Advice from Mel B!

Written by Heather Rushworth, GooglePlus

I was ten when I first heard the Spice Girls’ Wannabe on the radio. My best friend Ginger and I – along with the rest of planet earth – were thrilled by the five original, playful, powerful ladies cartwheeling and ziga–zig-ahhing their way into our once dull suburban lives.

The Spice Girls were true role models. Through positivity and unapologetic tenacity they taught us how to be our authentic selves and to embrace the at times complicated mess of being a modern female.

So you can imagine my unabashed elation when Melanie Brown – aka Mel B aka Scary Spice – dropped by the studio for a visit with A.J.  Even better, she let me rack her brilliant, beautiful, curly head for advice on how to be an empowered woman!

Click here for A.J.’s Interview

Heat: Mel B, you helped coin the phrase “Girl Power!”

Mel B: Well me and my four other friends.

(She credited her girlfriends! How awesome is that?!)

Heat: Girl Power is such a formative statement, a powerful idea that inspired girls back then and continues to inspire women. But you’ve also had incredible staying power as a woman. So if you could give advice to women and girls as to how to be successful what would you tell them?

Mel B: Oh my god that is a BIG one. Well I have four girls of my own ranging from two years old to fourteen and I constantly tell them, “You can do whatever you want in life.” I think once you have the mindset that anything is achievable and anything is doable than the world is your oyster.

And I think girls and women, we are so emotional! Whether it be our once a time a month emotional, or just emotional period. So you have to feel somewhat good about yourself. You have to learn to like yourself and love yourself. Because if you can’t do that for yourself then how is anybody else going to like you?

Heat: Awesome advice! So I guess you have to be patient with yourself through emotional times?

Mel B: Yeah, I’m not that patient though… I do things very quick. (She snaps) I’m like ‘Get over yourself. Now breath. Now be happy.’



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