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Tonya Eats A Munchie Box For Her HoliDiet Consequence!

We are 3 days away from our final weigh in for our on air HoliDiet challenge! I CANNOT believe I lost to Dorothy today and had to eat a Jack In The Box Munchie Box at 8am! I was even more embarrassed because I had to go into a Jack In The Box and ask the manager if I could even order this at 8am because this is usually only served after 9pm- and yes, he TOTALLY gave me “You’re a weirdo” look!

When you order a Munchie Box you get a soda, 2 tacos, halfsies (Half order of curly fries and half order of regular fries), and your choice of either cheesy bacon and ranch chicken nuggets, a breakfast burger, a stacked grilled cheese burger, or an exploding cheesy chicken sandwich. All of them are about 1600 calories and I was going to have to eat all of that unless I got help from listeners!  And THANK GOODNESS some listeners came out! WOO HOOOO!!!! I freaking love our listeners! Thank you all so much! I didn’t have to eat ANY of it! Click HERE to see the pics from my little consequence adventure this morning 🙂

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