[PICS] Dorothy’s Blog- May 27, 2014: My Weekend in Vegas for a Bachelorette Party!!!

CLICK HERE for all the Vegas Bachelorette Party Pics!!!!

I am so exhausted from my fun weekend in Vegas!!!!!! I went for my friend Jessica’s bachelorette party! There were 7 of us girls- Jessica, Mika, Maria, Geslee, Lovelyn, Maliza, and myself, and we got into some SHENANIGANS!!  It was so much fun!!!!


I flew into Vegas on Friday around 6p, but my friends drove and didn’t get in until 11:45p on Friday night, so we got setttled, we got dressed, and went out at 2a! The theme of Friday night was wigs, so we all put on a bright wig and partied our butts off. We ended up staying out til stayed out til 6a, then woke up at 9a to start getting ready for the pool party.

Group pic!!

Group pic!!


Daylight at the Mandalay Bay was insanely packed!!!!!! After a night of no sleeping, and no eating, it all seemed like such a blur to me! We stayed at Daylight for a few hours, went back and ate, napped, then got ready for the stripper to come to our room.

The stripper was HILARIOUS!!!!!! I’ve never had a stripper come to the hotel room before. The bachelorette, Jessica, had no idea that he was coming. He knocks on the door, dressed as a security guard, and tells us that we got a noise complaint. He then goes to Jessica, and asks her if she’s been doing drugs, he frisks her, and then starts the music and gets down! He ripped off his clothes and got down to a thong.

Most the girls loved it. He did a dance for the bachelorette first, and then gave each girl an individual dance. After he was done with all the girls he said, “This concludes the regular show. Now if you ladies want, there’s the Triple X Vegas experience.” We didn’t know what the hell that was, but apparently it meant that the stripper was gonna get BUTT ASS NAKED and the only thing separating him from us would be a towel!

We were like, HELLLLLL NO. We’re good on that!

Vegas was so much fun! I can’t believe we partied so hard on such few hours of sleep. I love all the girls that I went with. It was such a good, fun group of girls! We didn’t have to worry about drama. We only had one thought the entire trip: TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!?! And that’s exactly what we did.

Congrats, Jessica!!! It was a great “Last Fling Before the Ring.”




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