Interview: Mø Wants To Be a Pop Star Girls Can Look Up To

While most people try to move past their angst-ridden high school years,  (pronounced “moo”) willingly relives them on her debut album, No Mythologies to Follow.

“The teen years is such a crazy time in your life because everything gets turned upside down and you’re trying to figure out who you are and all these new things happen to like your body and your mind,” said the 25-year-old Danish singer, whose moniker means “maiden” or “virgin.” “I think you shouldn’t be afraid to go back and remember how it was to be hurt or to be sad because it is an intense time in your life and you’re free…the world is kind of open, it’s just, ‘Let’s see.’ So I think it’s kind of inspiring to write about.”

On Mø’s debut she digs for the intense feelings teenagers experience, whether it’s figuring out what you want to do with your life on “Pilgrim” or the fear of getting left behind on “XXX 88” which features Diplo, someone Mø says has a sound that is both “exciting and exotic.”

As a kid, Mø–real name, Karen Marie Ørsted–grew up wanting to be the Spice Girls, more specifically Sporty Spice, which explains her very sweet cover of “Say You’ll Be There.” She also holds the all-girl group’s Girl Power mantra in high regard, swearing that the sentiment isn’t nearly as cheesy as you might have originally thought.


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