I Like This So Much I Had To Share

(Note: This is NOT an advertisement. I talked about this on the air a couple of weeks ago and I’ve had so many people ask me about it and I thought I’d share it here)


Is dinner time a pain in the butt for you most of the time? Are you constantly running to the store at the last minute or just grabbing take out because you haven’t planned something to make?

That’s always been the case for me. I love to cook and I’ve even gotten pretty good at shopping..my problem has always been PLANNING what to make. As my family grows it’s become more and more difficult to do the last minute store runs and I don’t want my kids eating too much take out. So a couple of weeks ago I went on line searching for ideas for getting better at planning meals. To my surprise I found something even better than ideas…I found services that do it for you!!

There were several (feel free to google) and after doing a little I went with emeals. I. Freaking. Love. It.

Every week they send you 7 dinner menus according your chosen family eating style. You choose which ones you will make and it generates a shopping list (right on your phone..in the app)…you shop ONCE and you are set for the week. ┬áThe weekly plan takes into account what’s in season (which saves you money) what’s on sale at YOUR favorite store andmakes sure you use ingredients multiple times so they don’t go to waste.

There is a small monthly charge but I’m 100% certain I’m saving way more money by using it than I’m spending to subscribe. So I’m shopping less, spending less, and having fun making new things all the time. Total win!!

(The pic is of the crab cakes with lemon basil dipping sauce and sauteed veggies I made last night.)


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