My DIY Energy Drink

So I’ve (almost totally) given up energy drinks BUT as a guy who gets up super early, has two small kids, exercises regularly and keeps a busy schedule  I find that I still need “boost” here and there. I did a little homework, experimented a little and came up with a SUPER simple, SUPER healthy alternative.

Ingredient #1 Matcha Tea. It’s an incredibly healthy traditional green tea that is consumed entirely rather than just being brewed. You know all the good stuff you’ve heard about green tea? Matcha tea is green tea on (super healthy) steroids. And yes, it does have a little caffeine. You can read more about it here . You can find it at any healthy store or order some on-line.

Ingredient #2- Coconut Water. It helps with the taste and brings even more health benefits to the table. More on that HERE

That’s it! Put those things in a shaker cup and drink it! Hope you like it!!

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