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Wedding Wednesday: It’s Quiet…

San Diego radio sweetheart Tonya from the AJ Show blogs about her wedding journey.

This is literally where I’m at right now with planning this wedding. NOTHING has happened in the last week. No wedding talk. Quiet in the house…lol. Usually JJ and I will sit and talk about SOMETHING that has to do with the wedding at least 3 times a week but in the past week we haven’t talked about it once! Part of me feels like we’re not ready to really DIVE IN and crack down yet and part of me is just LAZY! I think since I know I still have a little more than a year I’ve been taking it SLOWWWWW but it’s scaring me because I know it’s going to go by so fast! I kind of justify it though by saying to myself “It’s okay- this is what people were talking about to enjoy the engagement…take it slow”…Not sure if that’s what people meant! Haha!

We’ve also been super busy so we haven’t had the energy to GO THERE with wedding planning. But we’re always going to be busy! There’s never going to be time to GO THERE…things are only going to get MORE BUSY. I have been wanting to ask JJ little things about our wedding but I know he’s been working a lot and late at night, after dinner, after showers and prepping for the next day- it’s not something we want to do you know?

June has been a super busy month- it was 3 of my besties bdays, my bday, my moms bday and a baby shower! Now with all of that out of the way, we’ll start on our next project for this wedding which is a big one: VENUE SEARCHING.

Hope to be further in the process next week!


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