Hey girl, this is one cute celebrity baby.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s baby sparked a Twitter storm that rivals Sharknado. See what I did there? Two storm references.

As an exceptionally talented graphic designer, I took it upon myself to free up the speculation of just how adorable the celebrity couples’ baby will be. I recreated their baby in Photoshop using the best parts of their individual good looks and let me tell you, wowza, this baby is at the top of the good looks food chain.


(PIC) Selena Gomez Looking Perky On Streets of New York, Boob Job? 

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(WATCH) Throwback Video, JC Chasez Gives Ryan Gosling Acting Advice on Mickey Mouse Club

Please feel free to share this pic with all of your friends, or enemies. And thumbs up-it and tweet it if you like it, if it scares you or just because I’m tired and everyone else went home and I spent way too much time on this¬†mildly scary project.

Send us your “Baby Hey Girl” captions phrases and I’ll send you your very own Baby Gosling Ecard. @HeatRush

Photoshop of what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby will look like

Artistic genetic representation of Baby Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes by Heather Rushworth…baby sourced via Shutterstock. Ryan face sourced via Getty Images (See image above.)


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