(INTERVIEW) Rita Ora on 50 Shades of Grey, Jay Z, Iggy Azaela & New Album

By Heather Rushworth

Rita Ora – it’s a name that buzzes around the music industry often and it’s a face lighting up fashion blogs and entertainment magazines around the globe.

The gal behind the face and the name is about to drop a new album and break out as Hollywood’s newest star in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

But some still ask, just who is Rita Ora?

Some know her as Jay Z’s prodigy:

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Some know her as Iggy Azaela’s fierce, girl-power counterpart:

(Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)


London knows her as their most fashionable young celebrity:

(Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

Rita arrived at our beachfront, posh penthouse bungalow at the historically chic Hotel Del Coronado on a sunny summer day. The Beach Village is an exclusive enclave of cottages and villas located within the iconic setting of the Del where you can enjoy highly personalized service and luxury accommodations, most with beautiful views of the Pacific. (beachvillageatthedel.com)

Will and Jada Smith had literally stayed there the night before. Marilyn Monroe famously filmed Some Like it Hot at the Del, and the beach scene – which was brightly speckled with striped umbrellas and tropical drinks – looked like a retro throwback to the glamour of the golden age.

Rita was fashionably late, but undeniably fashionable.

She wore cuffed boyfriend jeans, a Jean Harlow/Great Gatsby lace headband, an oversized Ozzy Ozbourne T-Shirt, red lipstick and a grungy flannel wrapped around her waist.

Photo by Heather Rushworth

She brought a posse of five friends who, dressed all in black, resembled a hip army of MAC cosmetologists. She ordered chicken fingers, pizza, fries and pasta as she slapped her six pack abs.

I couldn’t help but associate her with a young Truth or Dare  Madonna. She’s bold, confident, stylish and for better or worse, an undeniable diva. The best part of a diva is they are enigmatic, charismatic, inspiring creatures who remind us of the liberties we can take in life. The worst part is they are often late, and yet we love and excuse them anyways.

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