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Wedding Wednesday: Is It All Worth It?

WARNING: My crazy might come out a bit right now. Well, my crazy is always out but it might be out a little more than usual in this post. What I’m saying is I might rant a bit and I am WAY stressed out over one little thing a lot of people have been saying to me lately.

Almost everyone I have run into lately that has asked me about the wedding has ended it with “You’re not going to remember anything,” “You’re going to be so stressed and annoyed your entire wedding day,” “Go small,” “Go to Vegas,” “You’re not even going to EXPERIENCE your wedding,” and the worst:  “At the end of the day, It’s all NOT WORTH IT.”


I kid you not, this entire week almost everyone has told me this! And I don’t know if I’m crazy or what, but I STILL want to TRY as much as I can and have my dream wedding. I’m definitely listening to what everyone has to say and taking notes but I think I would regret it MORE if I didn’t TRY and have a wedding that is closest to my dream wedding!

But with everyone saying all of this to me, it really has scared me a bit. I mean, I want to make sure I am PRESENT in every way at my wedding as much as I can so now I’m worried about how long our pictures will take after the ceremony but I also want to make sure we take great pictures and plenty pictures too. And then I want to be extra careful about not regretting one single purchase so now I am double and triple checking EVERYTHING (which I guess is a good thing), and the reason I am trying to do as much as I can – more than a year on out – is so that I am not doing TOO MUCH last minute and so this whole thing won’t be as stressful as everyone says!

Am I blind though? Will all these things people tell me STILL be something I say on the day or after my wedding day???? PLEASE SAY NO!?

That has been on my mind A LOT this past week.

ON ANOTHER NOTE…A more fun one…lol…

So excited! Today we are attending a tasting with a possible caterer- Buckboard Catering! We are hoping it’s tasty! 😉 This is our first tasting. AAAAND last night we met with such an awesome wedding planner, Marissa Huffman from Hitched with Huff. She is just the most adorable lady EVER and I am obsessed with her wedding style! She even got us a sweet little gift- Some champs to celebrate! WOO HOO! Thanks Marissa! xoxo

We got a sweet gift from Marissa when we met with her about wedding planning yesterday!  Some champagne!

We got a sweet gift from Marissa when we met with her about wedding planning yesterday! Some champagne!

A card from Marissa from Hitched with Huff!

A card from Marissa from Hitched with Huff!

Oh yeah, and how could I forget- I’m going to the Kiss The Bride Bridal Show on Sunday! SO EXCITED! I feel like I have always wanted to go to these shows and conventions but have never had a real reason to go! Can’t wait! Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! ❤

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