Interview: T-Pain on the Perfect ‘Drankin’ Patna’

By Brian Ives

T-Pain’s latest song, “Drankin’ Patna,” is the sole new track from his recently released T-Pain Presents Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits. The Auto-tune expert says he’s a bit ambivalent about putting out a “best of” at this point in his career. “Usually when people put out ‘greatest hits’ album, they’re done making new hits. I’ve got a lot more hits [to come], and I don’t think I’ve made my greatest one yet.”

On the other hand, he’s happy to discuss his “Drankin’ Patna.” Who, as it turns out, is his wife. 

“‘Drankin’ Patna’ is basically a song about something I have yet to find… outside of my wife. My wife is the only person who can drink and who can hold it down with me, I don’t have to hold her hair back when she’s throwing up, because she doesn’t throw up, because she’s an advanced drinker.” He goes on to describe the perfect “drankin patna”: “The perfect drankin’ patna can drink as many drinks as you. You don’t necessarily have to deal with them… you know, goin’ to sleep in the club or passing out. You don’t want anybody who gets rude when they get drunk, you don’t want a mean drunk with you. [You don’t want] someone who is going to get kicked out [of the club] if you’re not getting kicked out. You don’t want to deal with anybody getting sick. I hate sick drunks! Can’t deal with it! You don’t want to have to pull over every two seconds, so they can throw up outside the car. That gets real annoying! You don’t want anyone [who is] annoying with you when you get drunk!” Similar rules apply whether you’re going out with a friend. Of course, T-Pain has drinking buddies, but there’s a drawback there: “The biggest problem I have with guys is that they fall asleep a lot, and in the weirdest places! In the bathroom in the club. In the middle of the club, in the V.I.P. section, with people partying, and there’s just one guy out cold on the couch! Just making us look we don’t have a good time, like we’re not strong as a unit, because you’re asleep on the couch!”

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