Tonya’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays! Here’s my gift guide of 15 different things you might want to get the Oprah lover/dreamer/chic chola/Bravoholic/Goddess in your life! (OR, just get it for yourself! 😉 )

1. Eau Roma Water

LUSH LUSH LUSH! I am obsessed with this store! All products in this store are made from organic fruits and veggies, safe oils, they don’t animal test, and they are environmentally conscious! One of my must haves from LUSH is their toner water. I carry it with me everywhere! Its made with lavender and rose water and treats redness and irritation- keeps your face fresh, glowy and hydrated!

Buy it here!

2. Nike Cortez

First of all, almost everything throwback is IN again, and I mean, if you have a little gangsta in ya, WHY NOT! These are CRAZY SEXY COOL! And OMG…they have them at the NIKE Las Americas Outlets right now AND AT KOHLS!

Buy it here!

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

These are a MUST HAVE. Himalayan salt lamps purify the air, reduce allergies, keep you in a better mood and are beautiful! They neutralize the air you breathe so keep one in your house or even your work space!

Buy it here!

4. Oprah’s ‘What I Know For Sure’

Hellllllo…This book tho. It’s all Oprah. I mean we all want to know her personal advice and life lessons and Oprah has been so kind to pack all these reeeeeal tight into a sweet little book!

Buy it here!

5. Cast Iron Aqua Teapot

This teapot will for sure keep your tea nice and hot and the presentation is EVERYTHING! It’s aqua with hints of metallic gold and made of cast iron which will keep your tea at lovely temperature.

Buy it here!

6. Rose Day Cream

I absolutely love this! And I mean, c’mon… J-Lo herself went on TV and even said this is what she uses everyday when she was asked about how beautiful her skin is! It’s light, smells GREAT and you can get it at Whole Foods! Ha! Or you can order it below 🙂

Buy it here!

7. Flower Crowns

Okay pretttttyyyy sure almost every girl wants one of these or secretly wants one 😉 Flower halos, flower crowns, flower ears (big with Disney fans!), or even the cutest little flower cat ears (Ariana Grande is a cat ear fan and Jhene Aiko has worn the floral cat ears!). So cute!

Buy it here!

8. Heart Snap Shot Photo Frame

Yes. I saw this on Oprah’s Favorite Things list. And yes, I want this for myself! Lol! It’s too good! And BOYS! GUYS! MEN! Even WOMEN! Get this for your GIRRRRL! She will LOVE it! Add your favorite pictures of you two in polaroid pic form and in the shape of a heart and IN A FRAME?! I mean…She’ll LOVE IT. TRUSSSST. 😉

Buy it here!

9. DIY Mason Jar Gift

So for this gift you might not even need to buy anything!!!! All you need is ideas and there are so many!!! I LOVE anything crafty and DIYish so I would love something like this as a gift! I think it’s thoughtful, it took time and adorable! You can put things to make delicious cookies in a mason jar and wrap it with a bow, fill a couple with brownie mix, add candies…ANYTHING YOU WANT! So many ideas below!

Get ideas here!

10. Hanky Panky

Okay…yes, Hanky Panky is known for their thongs…and before you call me an UNDERCOVER FREAK AJ, DOROTHY and HULA…lol…these REALLY are the best and the most comfortable undies ever!!! I have a few that were given to me by one of my best girlfriends and they are my favorite! They have different colors, styles, and I can guarantee you that your lady will love you for these!

Buy it here!

11. Northern Lights Bath Bomb

If you’re like me and have ever wondered what the Northern Lights looks like in Alaska, but can’t go or have never gone…NO WORRIES! Hahah- LUSH has an awesome bath bomb that you can buy! You just drop the bath bomb and watch as it puts on a little show in your bathtub changing colors, crackling and fizzing away! Fun, use it to relax and unwind and it smells wonderful too!

Buy it here!

12. Paper Soap

YES, paper soap. These are little boxes with little sheets of soap! For the on-the-go girl in your life! Cheap, chic and CLEAN baby! All kinds of different scents too!

Buy it here!

13. You Can’t Sit With Us Shirt

Wait, this isn’t the “You Can’t Sit With Us” from Mean Girls the movie…this is the OG Mean girls from the Mi Vida Loca movie on a shirt! It’s too good. For the HOMEGIRL in your life!

Buy it here!

14. The Andy Cohen Diaries

Bravoholics where you at?! For the reality show lovin’ woman OR man in your life! Andy Cohen just came out with his 2nd book and he is spilling the tea baby! All TEA all SHADDDEEEE!

Buy it here!

15. Britney Spears Wrapping Paper (I HAD TO!)

I mean…I had to! Get any of these gifts or any others and wrap it up nicely in the finest wrapping paper: BRITNEY SPEARS WRAPPING PAPER!

Buy it here!


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