[PICS] Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping Was MAGICAL!

Last Sunday I went dress shopping with my mom, maid of honor, JJ’s mom and his 3 sisters AND his little nieces! We roll deep! 😉 The reason I took them is because I don’t have sisters, they’re about to be my fam and I want to include them in the wedding as much as I can. It was a perfect girl’s day out.

We started the day at 9am at Bridal Showcase in Vista. I met with Mauricio who works there and he was already set up as soon as I got there. He had about 4 dresses picked out for me already, he had some coffee setup, Gatorade, water, CHAMPAGNE, fruit, snacks, EVERYTHING! And the best part is we had the store to ourselves. No other bride had an appointment at the same time as me. It was awesome. Who doesn’t want to have a girl’s day in a dress shop full of beautiful gowns?!

So the day began and I started trying dresses on. I don’t know why I got so nervous and shaky on the first dress I tried on but I did. I put it on, went out in front of the fam, and of course WATER WORKS for my mom! Lol I swear she had two tissues glued under her eyes the whole time. Lol. I didn’t cry but I liked the dress. Which meant, it wasn’t the one. But I DID like it. I had to see more. I kept trying dresses on, I tried about 5 on and then I tried a BEAUTIFUL gown on, walked out and now everyone was crying – I got very emotional out of nowhere.

I think that one’s the one. But I couldn’t commit! I wanted to try everything on. And then, I started trying on veils with that dress, and THEN Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” came on and WHOAAAAAAA…I started crying! And the worst, it was an ugly cry…cause I was trying to hold it in!

Ahhh…we all had a moment and then moved on. Tried on a couple more dresses that I liked. But not that I loved like that one. I tried on all styles, shades ( I didn’t even know there were so many different shades!) and I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. Especially since I’ve lost 25 pounds (Thank you Medifast Weight Control Centers!) WOW- feeling good about my body also made this experience a good one for me.

WW3WW1At the end of the day we had the most amazing time at Bridal Showcase. Mauricio was amazing and you can definitely tell he LOVES what he does. My family couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the experience was for us all and how attentive he was. He really got it. He understood what I liked, what I wanted and what styles would look great on me. And it was all PERFECT.

FullSizeRender Don’t worry the pic above is NOT THE DRESS I am getting. It was just a fun pic with Mauricio from Bridal Showcase! 😉

WW8 WW6 WW10

After that we were on our way to David’s Bridal. I think we were all tired by then haha. When we were all done I had tried on about 13 dresses!!! OMGGGGGGGGGG…


So nowwww I need to choose a dress. There are 3 or 4 that I really really like, But I think I know which one I want. 🙂

This Sunday I’m going to the BRIDAL BAZAAR! I’m so excited! I have just a few more vendors I need to lock down and I’m taking my bridesmaids!!! We are so excited! I’m so excited for my first outing with my girls! We’re gonna have a blast. All 8 OF US! Hahah…I told you we roll DEEP! 😉



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