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[LIST] Tonya’s Gift & Ideas List For Valentine’s Day!

Places To Go:

– Brunch at Wonderland in OB: This is one of my FAVORITE places to go! It’s perfect for brunch on the weekend, you can get picnic bench style of seating FACING the ocean and the menu is amazing! The coastal menu has an aloha twist with a side of hippie 😉 It’s perfect!

-Dinner at the Gaslamp Strip Club: This place has amazing food! Best thing, it could be a fun and interactive date! You grill your own steak so you can help your hunny or show them how to do it 😉 It’s a great atmosphere too and located in the Gaslamp so the nightlife afterwards will be poppin’!

-Have a picnic Sunset Cliffs: This place is just SO SAN DIEGO. It’s so beautiful and it’s huge! My idea for sunset cliffs is have a picnic! It doesn’t have all fancy either, you CAN if you want but you can keep it simple. Go grab some burgers, sandiwiches or salads and have some lunch! Park and eat in your car overlooking the ocean, throw some good music on and show her or him that you care! ❤

Things To Buy:

-Have a movie night: Not an AT HOME movie night, a take her out- plan ahead kind of movie night! Almost all women are so excited to see Fifty Shades Of Gray this weekend! So find a grown up theatre like the new AMC theatres at the Chula Vista Mall that has the luxury recliner seats AND A BAR and take her to watch the movie! But do your homework and buy tickets ahead of time! This movie is going to be HUGE this weekend. Then, make this date EXTRA exciting by giving her a gift after the movie: the Fifty Shade Of Gray WINE! They have it at World Market AND BevMo! Yes, that’s real! Buy her the wine! She will LOVE it!

-For Guys: Almost all guys shave right? Go the fancy Art Of Shaving Store and buy him a gift! The gifts there are as low as $25 and come in 4 different scents. I gave this to my fiance one year and he LOVED it and still goes there till this day! I also gave this to my brother for his birthday and he was so excited! Guys like to be fancy too! 😉

-For Girls: Get her some…Britney Spears Lingerie! Yes! Win! I think all chicas want some lingerie and especially if it’s The Intimate Collection by Britney Spears! It’s so pretty. At the moment you can’t buy it at any store but if you get on it ASAP you can probably get it here by the weekend? Try! She’ll love it!

-Flowers: At the end of the day, every girl just wants to feel special, and THOUGHT OF. Buy her some beautiful flowers maybe sunflowers (Trader Joe’s has great flowers and cheap too!), go home, cut the stems a little and put them in a sweet little mason jar and that’s it! You can buy mason jars at Target and Michaels and I’m sure at other places too! She will love the sweet and simple rustic look and… you got her flowers! All girls love flowers!

Cause Everyone Needs LOVE:

-Here’s an idea for you. It’s different, it shows that you have a good heart, it will be fun and you’re doing a good thing: Volunteer and feed the homeless in San Diego. One of my best friends Sara and her girlfriend Brandy are devoting their Valentines night to feed the homeless with Urban Angels of San Diego. I thought this was one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day plans. Anyone who makes these plans for or with their loved ones is a selfless and beautiful human being! ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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