Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull Are Together Again in ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’ Video: Watch

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull’s new video for “Let Me Be Your Lover” relies on one of humanity’s oldest art forms to make one of humanity’s oldest artistic gestures: puppets who want to have sex.

Stringed replicas of Iglesias and Pitbull prance around on the prowl for female attention, which takes them into the danger zone: a women’s bathroom.

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Iglesias’ doppelganger startles a woman in a stall, and the two scamper off to the floor of a mini-mall. There they meet their match in a pair of blonde puppets, who they drive around in a miniature car.

They perform for fans at the beach, and Iglesias sticks his head into an actual pit bull’s mouth. The end of the video promises some kind of circular plot continuity with a future video: trying to escape from a horde of paparazzi, the two stars drink a bottle of potion that turns them into puppets; “to be continued,” reads the screen.

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