The music scene's best new voice is a San Diego native & your new fave pop singer!

By Heather Rushworth

As an improviser I love to randomly ask people questions and see how they respond in the moment. I recently bombarded the super chill crooner Ryn Weaver with a slew of off-the-wall questions in hopes of catching her off guard – which totally didn’t work because she is way to chill and witty.



1. You’re a San Diego native, what are 5 words you use to describe San Diego?

Ryn: Beachy. Vibey. Low-key. Peaceful. Cool.”2. Math is cool and you just did great math. 3 words you’d use to describe people in San Diego?Ryn: Mellow, smiley and chill.3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ryn: An artist.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up, now?

Ryn: Same thing.

5. Three qualities you look for in a lovaaaaa?

Ryn: Trust, them giving me personal space and affection.

6. Best meal you ate this week?

Ryn: Kealani’s on the 101!

7.Favorite song on the radio?

Ryn: I just heard that “Style” song by Taylor Swift and bumped to it on the way here.

8. Greatest song ever?

Ryn: Jig of Life by Kate Bush!

9. Favorite artist ever?

Ryn: David Bowie.

10. Why?

Ryn: I want him.

11. Best live show you’ve ever seen?

Ryn: Lionel Richie at Bonnaroo. He was wild.

12. Favorite sandwich shop?

Ryn: Corner House! I get the Iron Man.

13. Do you have a favorite word?

Ryn: Groovy. You can use it for everything.

14. You have a song called OctaHate, what are 8 things you hate?

Ryn: Pretentious people. Super political people that are political in the opposite way that I am political (but I am political.) I hate organized religion on one level or another (sorry San Diego.) I hate dark chocolate. I hate “cool kids” or people that try to be cool. I hate girls that insult other girls and feel the need to cut people down to make themselves feel better. And cheaters, I hate cheaters.

15.What are some things you love?

Ryn:I love music, fashion, food, chill-people not to be confused with “cool people.” I like friends that are down to chill at home instead of go out. I love liquor. Haha, I love a lot of things.

16. If you could be any mystical creature in the ever-expanding universe what would you be?

Ryn: I’d be a siren. Eat the souls of men and sing all day long.


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