The Oscars’ ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Performance Was the Absolute Best Thing: Watch

By Kevin Rutherford

OK, yeah, we get it… The Lego Movie got snubbed big time.

That doesn’t mean, however, that the Academy Awards didn’t get Lego-fied. Its cornerstone song “Everything Is Awesome” was nominated for Best Original Song, after all, and it got its own few minutes of the broadcast to show why the tune was practically everywhere early last year.

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Strap in. It gets nuts.

Naturally it started with a Lego-animated intro, but we soon snapped back into real life, Tegan and Sara crooning the song’s opening hook.

And then… my god, it just blew wide open. There was The Lonely Island, with Jorma, Andy and Akiva laying down each of their verses, weaving in and out of a myriad of backup dancers and a self-proclaimed Awesome Possum.


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