Carly Rae Jepsen on How You Get Tom Hanks To Star In Your Music Video

By Shannon Carlin

The first time Carly Rae Jepsen met Tom Hanks, she was trying to stop him from killing a hummingbird.

But she admitted that it wasn’t really that hard to get Hanks to star in her new music video for her latest single “I Really Like You,” it was just a kind of a weird, long, hilarious story. She was right.

Jepsen first met Hanks by chance at the 2014 wedding of her manager Scooter Braun, who she likes to call “Scoots”, and who is also a longtime friend of the Hanks.

When Hanks wasn’t dancing to the Montell Jordan party staple “This Is How We Do It”—thank Justin Bieber, who also makes a cameo in Carly’s video, for capturing that moment on film—he was apparently trying to help free a very small bird.

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“There was a hummingbird in one of the wedding tents getting caught and everyone was trying to free it,” Jepsen explains. “I guess Tom had gone to get a broom to open up the tent so the bird could escape, but in my mind—it was a wedding, I had had a cocktail or two—I was like, ‘That man is going to hit that hummingbird with that broom!’ And I didn’t know who it was, so I ran over and I was like, ‘Don’t hurt the bird!’ And I grabbed his arm and he turned around and I was like, ‘Tom Hanks!'”

Even now she can’t help but laugh at the idea of her manhandling Tom Hanks as he tried to save a hummingbird. “He’s just the most super enthusiastic, easygoing, charming man!”

Hanks proved this to her once again when he offered to star in her new video, where he dances through the streets of New York City, lip syncing her song. It was actually his idea.



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