Becky G’s ‘Lovin’ So Hard’ Video: 13 Things She & Austin Mahone Totally Do Together

By Brian Ives 

Are Becky G and Austin Mahone dating? Judging by her new music video for “Lovin’ So Hard,” the answer is “OMG, totes” (ahem… apologies to teenagers everywhere).

While Mr. Mahone isn’t featured on the track, he is all over the video with Ms. G, and they do in fact display what appears to be love throughout the clip.

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Here’s a list of things they do together in the video. No. 6 may shock you. It may also make you rue missing out on Cinco de Mayo yesterday.

1. Hold hands.
2. Walk up several stairs to what may be a museum.
3. Ask some kid to take a photo of them on a cellphone.
4. Cross a street.
5. Film each other dancing on the sidewalk.
6. Eat tacos.
7. Play piano.
8. Kick it in the studio. It looks like Austin knows how to work the board in the control room!
9. Play video games.
10. Go to the beach.
11. Write “A+B” with a heart in the sand at the beach.
12. Go to Chilly Ribbons (shout out to product placement! Beats headphones and selfie sticks are also prominently seen in the video).
13. Love so hard… in a PG-13 way, of course.

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