[WATCH] Rob Gronkowski’s and David Ortiz’s New….Music Video?!?

Dunkin’ Donuts decided that a music video would be the best way to promote their Iced Coffee and to pair up David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski as the premier entertainment. I know what you are thinking and no, this song is not just in time to be a summer hit. There’s no easy way to describe this video because of the overwhelming respect I have for David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski…but with all due respect to these two glorious athletes, I hope I never hear this song again in my entire life.

David Ortiz is one of the greatest Boston Red Sox to have ever lived and Rob Gronkowski is the pure definition of a beast on the gridiron, but promoting iced coffee is not their cup of tea.

But this is a video you have to watch atleast once, so now it is your turn!!

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