Wedding Wednesday: Hidden Fees…

Less than 3 months away and we are still finishing and closing deals with some vendors! Eeeek! It’s getting close but we’re doing the damn thing!!!

So, the thing with the wedding venue we chose is that we are literally just getting the venue. Nothing comes with it. No caterer, no rentals, no plates, no napkins, D.J., etc. There are a lot of venues in SD that come with everything but ours doesn’t. And that’s okay, because it’s BEAUTIFUL. Just means we’ve been needing to do a little more work. Soooo…

RIGHT NOW we are almost done with the rentals vendor: tables, chairs, linens, plates, forks, spoons, glasses, EVERYTHING, basically. Anyway, I want to make sure we are not missing anything with the contract: cleaning fees, set up fees and WHATEVER other fees!

HELP! If you’ve gotten married, and there were last minute fees can you help a sista out and tell me about them??? We are trying our best to have a stress-free wedding day 🙂 I know things will happen but it doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared right? 😉

Email me if you have any advice! 😀

What about for other vendors? Any other hidden fees I should know about???

Till next Wednesday!

xoxo- Tonya

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