The New Selena Gomez Is No Longer Afraid to Speak Her Mind

By Courtney E. Smith

When Selena Gomez dropped her new single “Good for You,” there was a lot of surprise. A$AP Rocky is featured? She’s singing in a whispery voice? One of the co-producers mostly does reggaeton? This doesn’t sound like the usual Selena Gomez pop song, but like Selena’s been listening to a lot of Miguel, what’s the deal? had her in to take her temperature on how this track came to be and where her head is at, following this surprising single and the equally unexpected, highly emotional single “The Heart Wants What It Wants” from this spring.

“When I got ‘Good For You,’ it was just the melody,” Gomez recalls. “We didn’t know what we wanted the sound to be like. Some of the melodies are very soft, so it could have been a little more pop but I didn’t want the production to take away from the vocal. I’m a huge fan of hip hop, urban–that’s just my taste. I think that’s my natural direction. When I was recording the whole album, everything I was…writing or recording was all mid-tempo. I was drawn to that, I guess. I think now more than ever I’m comfortable and confident going into the studio knowing what my vision is.”

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