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Wedding Wednesday: Home Sweet Home?

Ahhhhh…52 days to go guys. 52! Still trying to get last minute decor, finalize rehearsal dinner deets …AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD trying to find a little place for JJ and I to live!

Yes, while wedding planning and finalizing, we are actively looking for a place to live–Just for JJ and I.

We’re not even trying to BUY a home right now, just looking to rent a place, a small one, for two people, one bedroom, nothing fancy!

We just want a little apartment/cottage/house in North Park/South Park/University Heights/Hillcrest/Normal Heights area OR even a cute little place near the beach! We really think that’ll be a good place to live in for our first year of marriage.

We want a fun place, where can walk to restaurants or bars and just have FUN for the first year ya know?

Ugh… but why has it been so hard?!

I don’t have too much experience with looking for places to rent in SD. Every place I’ve lived at, a friend that I’ve lived with has found through a friend or family member, so I guess it’s been pretty easy. Then I moved in with JJ and his sister soooo even easier right?

And nowwww…JJ and I would like to live together in our own little place, so we’re looking. We’ve been looking for a little over a month now. JJ has been really good about it: sending emails, calling property managers, scheduling ALL KINDS of apartment/home viewings…And while we do all of this– I can’t lie– we get excited, like, I’m soooo excited to live with JJ, my future HUSBAND (ahhhhh… weird typing that! But so exciting!) in our own little place.

So, when we go see these places, we DO get our hopes up, and we hope that we get approved for those places that we love–even though we tell ourselves to NOT get too excited, and not to get our hopes up…we still do, you know? 😦 And thennnn, someone else ends up getting the place!

All of these open houses have tons of applicants, and who knows how all these people get chosen. It’s not like we have any criminal history! Hahahah!

I guess it’s super competitive. Who knows? We just keep telling ourselves that the right place will come when it’s meant to be!

I just hope it’s soon!

I’d hate to be moving out THE WEEK of our wedding! LOL

The one thing that we are super grateful about, is that we are living with JJ’s awesome sister, Melinda (my future sister in-law!) and she has been the absolute BEST to live with. Honestly, she’s not pushing us out or anything either, so if we don’t find a place soon, we’ll be okay 😉

Thanks Melinda for everything!!!

So anywayyyyyyy, just another thing on our checklist. Not so much for the wedding, I guess, but for WHEN we are married

❤ Hope we find something soon!

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