Wedding Wednesday: Missing RSVP’s, Rehearshal LUNCH And My Bridal Shower Is THIS WEEKEND!

Okaayyyyyyy 36 days before the wedding and we OFFICIALLY have a place to live in! Yessss. We’re all moved in and love our sweet little neighborhood, Kensington. We have been moving and organizing and are STILL planning this wedding! We can’t wait to get married of course, BUT, would it be wrong if I said we can’t wait TILL the planning is over??? LOL. We just want to have the wedding, have the best day ever, and go on our honeymoon already! Haha.

With all the craziness going on of finding a place and moving out, we have been getting our RSVP’s in the mail! I have been opening them but haven’t even started keeping track yet. All I know is August 1st was our deadline for RSVP’s and I’m almost positive we haven’t gotten them all or even most in. LOL. So now, I think what we’re SUPPOSED to do is double check with everyone right???? So…I’ll be getting to that in a couple days!!! So much to do! Not enough days in the week and not enough hours in the day!!!

OOOH and yesterday JJ and I met with Brannon from Prospect Bar & Grill in La Jolla to discuss the deets for our rehearsal lunch! Everything looks great, it’s an awesome space, great vibes, beautiful ocean view…can’t wait! We’re doing a taco bar too…right up our alley 😉

When we were there we started talking about details for the rehearsal lunch like: table decor, do we need a mic, will there be speeches, slideshow, HOLY MOLY…how is it a month before the wedding and I don’t know these things!!! Please someone tell me it’s okay, and it’ll all come together???? Ay yai yai Tonya…lol

And we are having a lunch because our venue where we will be rehearsing is going to be used at night for someone else’s wedding. But a lunch is good! Earlier in the day, and I’ll have the rest of the day to do last minute things? AHH…I don’t even know what the day BEFORE my wedding is going to look like. I feel like I’ll be scrambling!!! I mean, i hope not but OMG…my stomach is hurting (in a good way!) just thinking about the way I’ll feel the day before I get married!!! AHHHHH ❤

This weekend my mom, JJ’s mom and sisters and my maid of honor and bridesmaids are getting together to throw me my bridal shower! I’m so excited! They have been getting together to meet about this and organize it- I appreciate them so much. ❤ It’s going top be amazing. Just another big event which reminds me I’m that much closer to September 12th!!!

Till next Wednesday…which will be EXACTLY one month from my wedding!

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