[PHOTOS] Wedding Wednesday: Tonya’s Bridal Shower!


Where do I even begin????? I get so overwhelmed with emotion every time I think about my bridal shower…

When the planning first began, and my mom, JJ’s mom, JJ’s sisters, and my bridesmaids all got together to plan this, that, alone, was a moment for me, I think.

To have both families merging for MY bridal shower was the sweetest.

And the outcome? Seriously, the best shower I could EVER have and EVER WILL  have! You only get one! And that’s totally okay because all my loved ones went ALL OUT for this, and I appreciate them all so much!

Even JJ and JJ’s step dad, Joe, were out there working hard before the shower– putting tables up, hanging stuff from the trees, fixing fences, sweating.

I definitely felt SHOWERED with so much love and there’s no better feeling ONE MONTH before you get married!




Gotta give the mom and mother in law (I can just call her that already right? I mean, we’re one month out before the wedding! LOL) a shout out!!! Love them!

Okay, time for all the amazing deets of my shower!


I cannot say enough about the decor. It was beach themed–MY FAVE. It literally felt like a mini wedding! LOL.

Seriously though, everything was beautifully decorated. STRAIGHT OUT OF PINTEREST. You know, you pin things and WISH to have what you see in all of your pins…but for me, it all actually came to life!!!


THE CAKE, holy moly! I literally pinned a cake identical to this one a lonnnnngggg time ago and JJ’s mom, Mary Ann, MADE IT. She’s freaking amazing. It was SO BEAUTIFUL and EVERYONE loved it!

My maid of honor and bridesmaids were so awesome and made the most delicious things to eat!


The sweeeeeetest dessert bar. White chocolate dipped oreos, bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries, gumballs, jelly beans, chocolate dipped pretzels, cupcakes…


We played so many fun games, too! As people came in they grabbed a ring and if they said the word “bride” or “wedding” they had their ring stolen. We played a game of “who knows JJ and Tonya better?” We played the toilet paper dress game (which Dorothy WON!) AAAND we had pics of JJ and I hanging and numbered for people to guess our ages. It was so much fun!


The photo area was decorated so cute, and there was a date jar! So adorable. Guests wrote date ideas on popsicle sticks and put them in the jar. The ideas were hilarious and awesome! I can’t wait to do some of them- especially the Cabo idea! LOL…thanks Claudia! 😉 And the FAVORS were ADORABLE– nail polish in different shades of blue with little veils on them!!! Ahhhhh! Cuteness overload.


And I have to give Windsor (the one at Plaza Bonita) a little shout out! I showed up with an idea of what I wanted to wear and the sweet stylists in there (special shout out to Bri!) made it happen–a beautiful tulle skirt, nude bandeau top and lacey sheer top on top of that! Necklace from Reference at Plaza Bonita and shoes from Forever 21! I loved my outfit 🙂


And the gifts were FLOWING. Thank you so much to everyone who brought all these wonderful gifts! JJ and I are so grateful, especially right now. We JUST moved into a place and we have NOTHING, so this is AMAZING. We need it all! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

And THANKS TO MY MAN JJ. He showed up with flowers and sweet little gift–a crystal seashell glass ring holder. Love him! Getting married in EXACTLY ONE MONTH! BUTTERFLIES! <3!

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