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[WATCH] Nicki Minaj And Robin Thicke Have The Time Of Their Lives In Music Video For “Back Together”

Robin Thicke has done some permanent damage to his legacy that unfortunately he might never be able to come back from, but there is no doubting that this man is doing everything he possibly can do get his life “Back Together”.

We have all heard and talked about his brand new single with Nicki Minaj titled “Back Together” and we even went to the lengths of already declaring the new single as a smash hit. When you put together the soulful Robin Thicke and the explosive Nicki Minaj, you simply just can not go wrong with such a dynamic collaboration. Then these two beautiful human-beings put together a music video to go along with their new summer jam and this song just reached a new level of awesomeness to the point where calling “Back Together” a smash hit might not be doing it justice.

Where do I even begin to describe this video??

The video has everything that you could ask for in a music video with extremely beautiful people in every single shot, a giant pool party going on during the summer, people all around getting hammered off too many martinis by the pool and Nicki Minaj in a tight, cheetah-print dress skirt. I mean, I don’t know too much about mathematics, but this music video adds up perfectly to result in the perfect equation.

If you weren’t already sold when I mentioned Nicki Minaj in a tight, cheetah-print dress skirt, then you are simply a lost cause. There’s just no better way to put it, this music video is one hell of a time.




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