Austin Mahone Regrets Starting A Rumor About Kylie Jenner

By AnnMarie Scaramuzzino

The internet is an easy place to start a rumor…even if it’s unintentional!

Austin Mahone learned that first-hand last week when he accidentally perpetuated reports that Kylie Jenner had crashed her brand new Ferrari, despite the fact that, well, it wasn’t true.

The “Dirty Work” crooner, who was in attendance at Jenner’s 18th birthday party last week, opened up about his ‘oopsie’ moment while speaking with People at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (August 16).

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“I was at the party and I saw she got a Ferrari,” Mahone explained. “And then a couple hours later I saw on Twitter and I saw like the same Ferrari, like the same color, and it was all smashed up and like everyone was going crazy on Twitter like ‘Oh, Kylie crashed her Ferrari’ and I was like ‘Oh, no way.’”

Thinking the story was legit, the 19-year-old pop star later relayed the information to Andy Cohen while guesting on Watch What Happens Live!, and it went viral.

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