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Wedding Wednesday: First AND LAST DANCE…

Yes, you read that right…We are probably going to be doing a last dance too…LOL. Is that weird??? We’ve been to a few weddings in the past 2 years where the married couple closes the wedding with a sweet last dance and I realllllly liked that! PLUS, we have a few songs we can’t decide between for our first dance so it’s a chance to use one of those songs…

ANYWAY, the reeeal problem and thing I’m stressed about is…JJ and I fell in love with a song from Robin Thicke’s last album, “The Good Life”.

Okay so I’m not super stressed about the song but UGH…Why did Robin Thicke have to be a cheater…and how can he sing beautiful love songs…and then we’re gonna dance to one of them?! That’s okay right??

Still something to talk about…we haven’t even really finalized our first dance song!!! It could be the Robin Thicke one! Who knows!

All I know is we are 18 days away and things are starting to happen really fassssssst and I CAN’T WAIT!

Something that happened this week:

A good friend of mine told me we’d be getting one of our wedding gifts in the mail last week. I kept checking everyday…and nothing. Finally I text her to make sure it was sent to the right address, and sure enough it was on the tracking that it had been delivered DAYS PRIOR and after talking to neighbors, talking to the carriers at the post office and doing some investigating…we realized IT. WAS. STOLEN from our front door! WORST! We were told that sometimes you can call the store the gift was bought from and they MAAAAYBE can do something for you so we did that, we called and OHHHH MYYYY GOOODNESSSS… has theeee BEST customer service! Not only did they send us a replacement (it was a cute little record player from Target that we had registered for!) but they ALSO sent us a $20 gift card for the trouble! WTH! BEST EVER! So…we got our replacement gift at no cost and it’s soooo adorable!

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Photo By Tonya Castillon

ANNNND AHHH! We also had another gift delievered to us from our registry: Our first set of CHINA! We registered for this not really thinking we were going to get it but JJ’s sweet  aunt Tammy got it for us and it’s SOOO BEAUTIFUL! OMG I’M A GROWN UP.

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Speaking of GROWN UP. Why did I finally feel like I made it in life when I got my scentsy from my mom. My very own Scentsy for the home. SO CUTE. And our little living room smells AMAZING.

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Photo By Tonya Castillon

And something I’ve been wearing almost everyday is this sweet necklace that AJ and his wife Lindsey got me! It’s the most adorable and dainty necklace with the date of our wedding on it engraved in roman numerals! It’s from Stella & Dot too…Lindsey can hook you up with that too!

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Photo By Tonya Castillon

Two more wedding wednesdays and then I’ll me a MRS! ❤

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