As I type this…RED. FACE.

So yes, of course, I went down to THE BEST PLACE TO TAKE BOUDOIR PICS…Bad Kitty Photogrpahy! I can’t say enough about them!

Last year I took boudoir pics for fun and it was the best time ever, so of course, now that Im getting married I wanted to take bridal boudoir pics for my man, as his gift! (Yes, he knows they’re coming BUT he has NOOOOOO idea what they look like and he’s going to DIE!!! ❤ )

If you’ve never been to Bad Kitty Photography you must know it’s literally the most fun, girly place EVER!

You get your hair and makeup done, they have tons of jewelry, shoes and accessories, if you need them! Then, you walk around and their are SO MANY DIFFERENT ROOMS to take pictures in! Anything you want, they have it! A kitchen, a bar, a motorcycle, a dungeon!, a mermaid tail, a classroom, a bathtub, a feather room…SOOOO MANY! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! So many options to get creative.

So, for my pictures I used four different sets. I won’t say which because even though I told JJ NOT TO READ THIS, he might, soooo I’ll just for sure say that this entire shoot was catered to him and some things he likes…

And since this is a gift to him for our wedding, I  took pictures in my veil, bridal robe, bridal jewelry and the beautiful shoes that I’m wearing when I get married and…nothing else??? (the red face came back. lol)

Something else I noticed when I went to Bad Kitty Photography was that of course everyone at Bad Kitty does nothing but make you feel AMAZING and HOT, always. But this time I was feeling great too because I’ve lost weight for my wedding, thanks to the Medifast Weight Control Centers, so I was honestly, walking around the halls of Bad Kitty Photography NAKED at one point!

Oh, and of course my amazing photographer, Cinnamon is THEEE BESSSTTT. She made me feel soooo comfortable. She positions you and ONLY MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD.

Oh man, I showed a few of my friends some of the pics and they couldn’t believe how CLASSY they were!

I guess people think these pics are all “dirty,” but they’re not! Cinnamon is all about girl power and making the WOMAN feel amazing and in control and beautiful, ALWAYS. It was such a FUN SHOOT. 😀 😀 😀



Tonya 25

Photo Courtesy Of Bad Kitty Photography

Tonya 22

Photo Courtesy Of Bad Kitty Photography

Tonya 28

Photo Courtesy Of Bad Kitty Photography

Tonya 65

Photo Courtesy Of Bad Kitty         Photography


Tonya 36

Photo Courtesy Of Bad Kitty Photography

Anyway, my wedding is now in ten DAYSSSSS…AND, of course. I’m STRESSED.

I think it’s inevitable, right? I’m trying to laugh through everything– smile and have fun with JJ through it all– but I would like if I said I wasn’t a little stressed. Just all the tiny details that you have to do days before the wedding, you know? But, for the most part, everything is about ready to go!

PS_ WE ARE GOING TODAY TO GET OUR MARRIAGE LICENSE! OMGGGGGGGGGGG haklhgrdhebefbiregkjetlg,ktrhnyoihrnjlgfbsethkjevfb <— how I feel now and leading up to the wedding! hahahah!



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