Listen to T-Pain’s New Single ‘Roof On Fye’

By Jonathan Hailey

Auto-tune singer T-Pain has been releasing songs here and there since he dropped the Iron Way mixtape. Pain’s latest musical offering is the song “Roof On Fye.” Built around a sample of Jagged Edge’s “Walked Right Outta Heaven,” the song is about the Florida native’s favorite topic, partying.

Although, T-Pain has been showing off his vocal ability without the vocorder, “Roof On Fye” finds the star back in his comfort zone. He spoke to last year about showing the world he could sing sans the vocal machine, ” I don’t know what people expected me to sound like without Auto-Tune. You can never change their minds until you prove them wrong. With a quick little video!”

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The Grammy Award winner has been hard at work on his next project, Stoicville: The Phoenix. As of now, there is no set date for its release. Listen to “Roof On Fye” to tide you over until the full album is delivered.

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