Watch Eddie Vedder and Beyonce Perform ‘Redemption Song’

By Brian Ives

This year’s Global Citizen Festival featured a number of highlights and interesting collaborations, but possibly the best one of the day was when Beyonce joined Pearl Jam on stage for an acoustic duet with Eddie Vedder.

She came on towards the end of Pearl Jam’s set, and the rest of the band left the stage, leaving just the two singers to duet on Bob Marley‘s “Redemption Song,” accompanied by Vedder’s acoustic guitar playing.

In the middle of the song, they played a clip of speech by Nelson Mandela discussing poverty (the theme of the Global Citizen Festival is the elimination of extreme poverty by 2030). “Poverty is not natural,” Mandela says. “It is man-made. And it can be overcome, and eradicated.”

Watch the entire performance above.

It wasn’t Beyonce’s only acoustic duet of the day; Ed Sheeran joined her for an acoustic duet of her song “Drunk in Love” during her set.

Read a full review of the show, which featured Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Sheeran and Coldplay, as well as sets by Common, Tori Kelly and others, on tomorrow.

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