[WATCH] Matt Damon Addresses His “Gay” Comment on Ellen

Matt Damon was on Ellen yesterday, or should I really say he’ll be on today’s show. While visiting the show yesterday Ellen gave Damon the chance to clear up any misunderstood comments and rumors that have been going around. Matt went on to talk about how when ‘Good Will Hunting’ came out there were rumors about how Ben Affleck and himself were gay, and how he would have to address the comment but didn’t want to throw any friends under the bus who are gay, and act like it some type of disease. Ellen and him then talked about how Matt had said that “actors are more effective when their a mystery,” but the comment he made was turned into that gay actors should get back in the closet. This comment of course wasn’t what Matt meant at all. Ellen backed Damon up and knew that the statement wasn’t something the actor would say, adding she wanted to give him a chance to explain himself and clear the air. And then in true Ellen style she made a joke about the man love between Ben and Matt to have everyone laughing and ending the segment on a lighter note.

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