Bette Midler Slams Justin Bieber’s Father Over Nude Photos

By Staff

Just days after the world was exposed to Justin Bieber‘s manhood, 69 year-old singer/actress Bette Midler lashed out at Bieber’s father Jeremy for reveling in the hoopla.

Midler was set off by a now-deleted tweet posted by Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s father, joking about his son’s penis size. According to Billboard, Jeremy’s tweet read, “What do you feed that thing? #proud daddy.” The senior Bieber was referencing several full-frontal photos which were taken by paparazzi while the “What Do You Mean” singer was vacationing in Bora Bora with British model Jayde Pierce.

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Midler was disgusted by Jeremy’s tweet and seized the opportunity to remind people that Jeremy had left the family when Justin was only 13 months old. His mother Pattie, according to reports, was so poor in Justin’s early years that she sought the aid of food banks for meals.

Defamer, along with others, have cited Jeremy’s previous absence, and newly-discovered influence over the singer, as the root of Justin’s problems.


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