[PICS & VIDS] Married Life Monday: Our Downtown SD Halloweekend!

How much fun to have Halloween fall on a Saturday!

JJ and I celebrated our first halloween together as a married couple! Haha really though, it was the same just like all our other Halloweens together, except we are…married. LOL. We both LOVE Halloween and always dress up. Here are our costumes from years before:

Cholula and Tapatio, Bloody Mary & a zombie, Cholo and Chola AKA Mystical Tearz and Bride and Groom Catrin and Catrina

On Friday, I went to get my nails done before Halloween. Of course, I went to my fave place ever: Boudoir Nail Bar! Love them there! All the girls there are so sweet and so talented! I know Halloween is over now, but i thought I’d still go dark with my nails, and even added some jeweled skulls. Love them!

My nails done by the talented Isabel at Boudoir Nail Bar!

JJ also participated in his work building’s costume contest and he won 2nd place! He recycled an old costume of his — the Tapatio man costume!

Yoli, Hula’s wife actually works in the same building as JJ and saw him in the contest! She texted me a few pictures of him.

I love this costume so much! Why am I the most proud WIFEY ever!


On Saturday, JJ and I passed out candy and then started getting ready for Halloween night in downtown San Diego!

We were a bride and groom Catrin and Catrina AKA Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muertos type costumes. It was cool because you can have fun with this face paint and costume, make it your own with different colors and designs. I bought my bouquet of flowers at the Dollar Tree, I already had the white dress (it was my after-party dress for my wedding, that I found for $7.) I had a flower halo that I used as my headband, bought my choker at Icing, used my veil from my wedding and used the Halloween makeup we had at home.

JJ’s was easy, he used clothes he already had too 😉 

Our friends met up with us at our house and then we headed downtown to the Gaslamp for Monster Bash!

We found Mr 305, PITBULL! LOL

Monster Bash! My friend Stacey and Stephanie! Stacey was a pretty kitty and Stephanie was Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy!

Our friends Mike and Stephanie dressed up as Starlord and Gamora

JJ and his buddy Mike 🙂

It was so much fun! I even ran into our promo guys, Nick and Troy holding it down at the Energy 1037 tent! 

Here’s a snapchat recap from Halloween night 🙂

On Sunday, JJ and I bought tickets to a show at the Quartyard in Downtown San Diego. OMG, I’m obsessed with this place, It’s so cool — huge food trucks, beautiful market lights, lawn games, full bar, picnic benches…loved it! And it’s also a dog park everyday, and you can even bring your dogs into the events they have here!

We saw Klingande, he’s a french DJ/producer. His sounds are tropical with a lot of piano and my FAVE: the SAXOPHONE!

We used the song Jubel by Klingande for our wedding when our bridal party was introduced! It’s such a fun and happy song. UGHHHH it’s so good! Listen to this song below!

The show was AMAZING — the perfect Sunday Funday with my husband. 🙂 Check out my snapchat recap below:

We had the best Halloween weekend!

xoxo, Tonya ❤


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