‘Krampus’: A Christmas Horror Story

Brace yourselves.  Krampus Clause is coming to town.

The Christmas flick, “Krampus” opens this Friday and we’ve never been happier about holiday turned horror. Bwahahaha!

The trailer starts out standard enough for the Christmas genre: Family gathers to spend the holiday together, the turkey is dry, the brother in law is obnoxious, bickering ensues.

The rub comes at the 40 sec. mark where somebody’s frustrated and disillusioned child curses the family, the holiday, and unwittingly summons Krampus: the hooved and horrible anti-Santa A.K.A. Murder Clause.

Honestly, isn’t this what Christmas has been missing all along? The gift of gore?

Director Michael Dougherty directs and Toni Collette and Adam Scott star in this over the top, marvelous  looking horror/dark comedy.

And remember, He sees you when you’re sleeping…


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