[PICS] Married Life Monday! A Mermaid Christmas!

Okay, not so much a mermaid Christmas…more of a seaside Christmas lol. Same right?! 😉

Anyway, soooo happy Christmas time is really here! Love this time of year! Snuggle weather and time to decorate our 1st little home together! JJ and I have lived together but with other family members so this is our first time having our own little house, our first time picking our first little tree and our first time decorating!

We put some Christmas records on, put our PJs on and started decorating! 🙂

In 2011, I was shopping with my mom at Kohl’s and saw the sweetest and prettiest Seaside Christmas decor. At the time I was a) broke and b) living with roommates so there was no need to get that decor but I told her how beautiful I thought it was and that I wished I had my own little home to decorate it this way.

That Christmas, my mom have me 3 big boxes FULL OF all the seaside Christmas decor from Kohl’s! Kind of an odd gift right? BUT SOOO THOUGHTFUL! She told me she wanted to contribute to my little Christmas vision and dream and to keep the decor till the time was right to use it. Four years later- I’m married and JJ and I are in our own little place and he was totallyup for decorating with the decor! Ahhhh love my mom, love my hubs, and love Christmas!

Here’s the note my mom had on those boxes full othe decor 🙂

We have a tiny little love nest so not much decor is needed 🙂 We got our tree from Armstrong Garden Centers on one of the days they had a “garden party”, everything between 5pm-7pm was 20% off and they had champagne, cheese and crackers. It was fun picking out our tree! We used the decor my mom bought for me, and filled in the rest of our tree with ornaments from the Dollar Tree and Walmart! 🙂 Check out the pics below!

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