Dorothy’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!!

Need ideas to get the fun-loving, active girl in your life? Here are some gifts ideas all under $50, because you know we ball on a budget around here! 🙂

Lay It On Me Speaker– $11

I love a good portable speaker, but affordable ones are hard to come by. That is, until now! Restoration Hardware has come out with a portable speaker that doesn’t require any cords- just lay your iPhone or Android on top of the speaker, it’ll connect, and then you can enjoy your music anywhere! I have to listen to music when I shower, when I’m at the beach, pretty much any time I’m outdoors.

Added bonus: it’s on sale for only $11 right now!


Sassy Candle for the Bad-Ass Bitch in your life- $18

We all have the super sassy, super fun friend in our life, and what better gift to get her than a candle that represents her! Ms. Betty’s Original Soy candles smells great and has personality. Each of the candles has a fun name, like “Bad-Ass Bitch” and  “Any Scent I F’N Want.”

The candles are sold out online, but you can buy them at this salon in South Park:

Southside Salon
2014 30th Street
Suite 101
San Diago, CA 92104



Print Outs from the Social Print Studio $12-$60

I LOVE the Social Print Studio! I found this during a game of Tap That App and have used it to print pictures and magnets for my fridge. You can download the Social Print Studio app onto your phone, and print out pictures from your Instagram and other social media, your phone, or computer. The pictures will print out in perfect squares, and they come in different sizes.

You can print more than just pictures, too. You can also print buttons, calendars, photobooks, photo albums, metal prints, and more. The cheapest thing you can get is 24 square prints for $12.


Make-Up Brush Cleaning Mat $25

Because every girl needs to take care of her make-up brushes!! The Make-Up Brush Cleaning mat from Sigma Spa is designed to fit right in your sink and comes with seven different texture areas to clean your eye shadow and face brushes.


Bluetooth Wireless Headphones $50

I’ve been on the hunt for some good, affordable Bluetooth wireless headphones for awhile now. TMI alert: I sweat a lot at the gym and it’s so tough to find some headphones that will stay in your ear while working out. Plus, if your headphones aren’t wireless then the cord is swinging all over the place and in your way.

That’s why the Photive PH-BTE70 are a perfect solution for all of that! These affordable wireless headphones are sweat-proof, they fit comfortable around your ear, they won’t fall out of your ear, they have good sound quality, and you can even use the Bluetooth to answer phone calls!




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