[Watch] Kris Jenner Swim to Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’

The UK’s  Love  Magazine officially won the award for “Most Fantastically Random” when they filmed Kris Jenner flouncing around a pool to the tune of “Trap Queen.”

You may ask yourself, as I did, “What the hell is this?!” or “Why?”

But what you should really be asking yourself is, “Why the hell not?”

The video is an installation in Love Magazine‘s digital advent calendar. Instead of treating yourself to sugary calories, Love is treating you to deliciously random videos as they count down the days to Christmas.

Previously featured in Love‘s advent calendar are Pamela Anderson and Gigi Hadid — Pamela Anderson doing day 3 of the advent is epically fantastic, a must see, we tell ya! Which is why we’ve included it below.

Merry Freaking Christmas!!!

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