[LIST] Hula’s Holiday Gift Guide

So, if you have heard me on the radio for awhile, you know that I am a “Disney-going, picture-taking, foodie enthusiast who likes to be fashionable,” (I know, that is a crazy description of me!  Haha). So, knowing that, here are some gifts that I would love, and that I think you would love to get or to give to others!

1.)  For the fashionable and charitable person in your life, get them AJ Show apparel! We have tank tops for the ladies, t-shirts for the kids, and even hoodies! The price point is from $12-$28 and it’s a great gift for your loved ones who listen to our show and proceeds go to our charity AJ’s Kids!  Check the shirts out here: https://squareup.com/market/adaptive-prints

2.) Google Cardboard- Experience virtual reality in a fun and inexpensive way! https://www.google.com/get/cardboard

3.)  Blue Apron– for the aspiring chef in your house or someone who wants to become a better cook! Get them the gift of Blue Apron! Delicious, healthy meals that come weekly to your home! Subscriptions start as low as $20 for meal delivery that serves two every week!

4.) This is a classic Bomber Jacket – It’s making a comeback for 2016! Bomber jackets are those jackets that were inspired by pilots and now have become fashionable. The most popular kind of bombers are the quilted ones! You can get them anywhere, but I love the ones from the Gap!

5.)  Smartphone Mobile Printers- Imagine printing out your pics from Instagram, Facebook and other social media sights right after you take the pic! This mobile printer lets you print out posts immediately on regular photo paper or even sticky paper! You could go with the Polaroid version, which runs around $129 or the Fujifilm version, which runs around $199.

6.)  Amazon Echo–  Imagine having your own assistant that plays all your music and more, using just your voice. Answers questions, read audiobooks and the news, report traffic and weather, give info on local businesses, provide sports scores and schedules, and more with Alexa, a cloud-based voice service! It’s amazing and will run you around $180, but it is worth it!!


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