[VIDEO] Man Proposes to Girlfriend by Sending Her Engagement Ring Into Space on a Spatula

Creating the perfect engagement story is tough these days. I mean, come on, we live in an age of flash mobs and social media. It’s a live tweeting, romance demanding pressure cooker! So, when Shawn Wright decided to pop the question to his (hopefully) bride to be, he knew he really had to up his game.

What he came up with might seem a bit odd, even to the most romantic of hopeless romantics.

He got a wooden spatula, a weather balloon and a GoPro and then he sent his fiancé’s ring into space! His love reached new heights. Haha. Get it?

It is actually quite spectacular to watch the high altitude sun glinting off of the diamond studded ring. The view is dizzying, breathtaking, it’s almost enough to make a girl scream, “Yes!” At the end of the video Shawn asks his girl to marry him. We hope she said yes.

Shawn was able to track the ring down, after it floated back to Earth, with a GPS tracker that he had attached pre-flight.

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