Tonya’s Official Wedding Photos & Video!

Today is January 12th and JJ and I have been married for 4 months now! Crazy!

We’ve been having the best time ever as newlyweds! I’m so excited to be able to share some our wedding video and some of our wedding photos here. My eyes literally get watery EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch our video and look through all our pictures.

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to our awesome photographer and videographer AND his assistants that day, Jose Valdez! There’s no better feeling than feeling confident in who you hire to capture your big day and, a HUGE PLUS, he’s from my hood, Chula Vista! Fellow CVHS Spartan! 😉

Jose Valdez Photography

Our wedding was the best day of my life and to be able to relive it through pictures and video is the best — especially seeing how much fun our guests had…that makes me sooo happy!


The holidays just passed and I know it was a big time for engagements. If you got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS — there’s nothing like it. Enjoy every single moment because it does fly by! Use the word fiancé as much as you want to 😉 You’ll never get to call your significant other that again, so have fun with that! If you need ANY help, a place to vent, recommendations, or just need to talk ANYTHING wedding, I’m your girl. Seriously, don’t hesitate to hit me up: 😀

Since there have been a few of you asking who some of our wedding vendors were for our wedding, I thought I’d write it all here! Each and every one of our vendors surpassed our expectations and we’ll never stop saying thank you to them. It takes a freakin’ village and an awesome team to plan and put together a wedding and my dream wedding could not have been possible without all of our amazing vendors!


Check out the list of vendors we used for our wedding below along with some of our pictures from our #GonzalezGoodLife wedding below!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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