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[VIDEO] David Bowie Asks MTV Why They Don’t Play More Black Artists — Awkward

This week we (the music industry, the art world, the world at large) lost an icon– David Bowie.

In the wake of that loss, many different videos and tributes have surfaced commemorating the artist.

But this gem, of David Bowie taking over an early MTV interview, is beyond awesome. In it, Bowie flips the script on an MTV News journalist when he asks why the television station plays so few black artists, and why the black artists that they DO play seem to be relegated to certain late night or early, early morning time slots.

Journalist Mark Goodman stumbles around looking for an answer.

“Narrow casting,” or maybe you’re not watching enough of our channel, he offers. Also, consider 17 and 18 year-olds in the Midwest who might be “scared to death by Prince, which we’re playing, or a string of other black faces,” Goodman argues. WTH?!

It’s hard to understand how Bowie didn’t rise from his chair and smack the crap out of Goodman at this point.

Goodman gives a last pass, trying to find common ground with Bowie, “You and I have grown up in an era where the Isley Brothers mean something, to me, and even The Spinners… But what does it mean to a 17 year-old?”

“I’ll tell you what the Isley Brothers or Marvin Gaye means to a BLACK 17 year old,” spits out an incredulous Bowie.

Mic drop.

Thank you, Bowie.

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