Flo Rida Rap Battles WWE Wrestler Bo Dallas

By Amanda Wicks

Flo Rida appeared on WWE’s Monday Night Raw on Jan. 25, where he threw down in a rap battle with wrestler Bo Dallas aka “Bo Rida.”

Starting off on a cheesy note, Bo rapped, “My name is Bo and i’m here to say, Flo Rida’s disrespectful in a major way.” Flo Rida smirked, but quickly lost that smile when Bo continued, “You sucker punched my friend in Wrestlemania 28, but I’d be upset too if I was named after this awful state.”

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He also hit Flo Rida with the zinger, “You need to channel you negativity in a more productive manner / you hold an ace high, but I have a full house like my name is Danny Tanner,” referencing the rapper’s 2015 album My House / the show Full House.

As for Flo Rida’s rebuttal? “Last time you got away with a sucker punch / sitting at my table, I’ll eat a sucker’s lunch / wrap my fist in your jaw feel my knuckle crunch / see battling me ain’t fair just like Social Outcasts trying to wrestle the Nature Boy Ric Flair,” he rapped.

Watch the two exchange “blows” below:

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