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What’s up ya’ll…

So if you follow me on social media you’ll see that I’ve been tapping into working out a little more than usual. It’s not something I’ve ever been SUPER into, but I kinda have been lately because I’ve been discovering what I like and what’s fun, and what’s the best way to burn those calories.

When it came to specific goals for the year, I didn’t really have any. I just wanted BALANCE. No pressure, just balance, in every part of my life, but especially my health.

Weight. BLAH.

Why is this something I will never not trip about?! LOL. It’s such a girl thing.

Anyway, last year I was losing weight and getting healthy with Medifast for my wedding and now that has passed and it’s hard to keep pushing with the healthy eating.

Not gon’ lie. It’s hard. When there’s no end goal, it gets hard.

Tonya and Dorothy doing Island Fusion workout

Tonya and Dorothy doing Island Fusion workout

And then, the Holidays came and went and there was a death in the family…and I know, I know…excuses, excuses. But I’m human ya know? I Gained a few pounds, but totally okay cause I know I’ll just get back on it. Where I’m at now in my life, the way I look at food, the way I shop for groceries, the choices I make, it’s soooo much better than just a couple of years ago! And a lot of that is cause I have learned so much from my Medifast counselor, Jamie, and because I still see her every week.  She is so much more than the person telling me what to eat. She helps me stay balanced in every part of my life, and THAT keeps me healthy.

So yeah, balance, It’s soooo hard. But anyway, I just wanna do things with no pressure, you know? So much easier that way. If I wanna work out, I will. I find fun ways to workout so that it becomes more of a thing I WANT to do than something I think I NEED to do.

Back to the fun fitness part — I’m always looking for fun ways to burn some calories! Recently I’ve discovered a new class at Culture Shock called “Island Fusion.” OHHH MYYYY GOSSSHHH. Think Rihanna/Sean Paul-ish. So hard to explain this class, but trust me, it’s GOOD.

I love learning choreography, burning calories and feeling sexy alllll at the same time! I’ve taken it with two different instructors and they’re both great! David “Darkie” Simmons & Elvina…both bomb!

On top of that I’m ALWAYS down for a Zumba class…A L W A Y S. I’ve been taking that at Chuze in Mission Valley along with a Buns & Belly class that works out…you guessed it…your BUNS AND BELLY! LOL. And, something I’ve always disliked is running — Never liked it and never thought I would, but I’ve been using this app/program called Couch To 5k that starts from ZERO to training you to run a 5k non stop. For some this is easy, for me it’s not. But the way this program is laid out has really got me to appreciate running and it feels good now! Never thought I would enjoy it like I am right now. I mean, I freaking ran in the rain on Sunday! WTH?! LOL.

All these little baby steps with my working out and eating and enjoying life all at the same time have me feeling reeeeeal good…Hoping this sets the tone for the rest of the year!

Scroll down and check out a few vids of Dorothy and I taking class last night. This is the Island Fusion class! BOMBBBBBB!!!!

xo, Tonya ❤


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