MØ Says ‘Simplicity’ Is Key on her Next Album

By Hayden Wright

A hit like ‘s “Lean On” collaboration with Major Lazer and DJ Snake can be intimidating for a singer to follow up. Despite the high stakes an expectations, MØ told DIY Magazine that she’s sticking to her creative guns as she works on her second album.

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“There’s always pressure. Of course it’s going to be different, and of course someone somewhere will say ‘Oh this isn’t what I expected, this isn’t like [old song]’, but I feel like I’m really being myself and I’m not trying to disguise anything, and therefore I feel confident in terms of being honest in my work,” she said.

MØ’s music has a clarity and elegance to it, case in point: her moody and atmospheric cover of the Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There.” The Danish singer says she plans to keep that mantra as she finishes album number two.

“I’m going for simplicity,” she said. “It’s the hardest thing to make something simple though; it’s got to be f—ing brilliant if it’s gonna last.”

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