Forget the White Walkers, Winter is Trumping

Guess what, Khaleesi Targaryen, we’ve got a serious problem with radical Islam, so go back into the desert from whence you came.

That’s how the latest, and most genius, Trump spoof introduces us to the politically charged climate of Game of Thrones, with a Trump twist — Move over Little Finger, we didn’t think it possible to out-shade you, but Trump, he wins at everything.

It is hard to recover oneself from hysterical fits of laughter at the seamless synchronicity of Trump soundbites to Game of Thrones intrigue.

How is it that every Trump platform nails the present-day fictional issues of Westeros and the magical lands beyond so perfectly? Maybe this harsh and dragon inhabited world is where Trump has belonged all along.

We have a feeling that the real-life Trump could out-pawn all of Westeros and the north, assuming he avoided a Jon Snow style execution or having his skeleton picked clean by Khaleesi’s dragons, of course.





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