Thank You to Everyone That Helped Me With My YMCA Fundraising!

Every year I raise money for the East County YMCA, to help single income families get their kids into Summer programs. Whether its swim lessons, Summer camps, youth sports, etc…it all goes towards that!

In the end, I love this because it gets the kids out there, being social vs. in their house, on an iPad or XBOX.

My Goal was $650 and I went well over thanks to the combined support of a lot of people. I did odd jobs to raise the money, so I actually earned it.

My friend KIM, came in for DJ Lessons. I’m going to make a promo video for Pure Press and my good friend Nicole in Hillcrest. Ashley sent some money from Orange County — I owe her a car wash. My sister donated some money from Florida. And to all my other friends that chipped in from Facebook, I can’t thank you enough.

It really makes a difference!! BIG SHOUT to Rob Zilla from Crossroads Deli who paid me NOT TO WORK!!!  Hahhaha video below.

Thank you again. I couldn’t do it without everybody’s help!!!

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