Flo Rida Shows Off His Country Side in ‘Who’s With Me?’

By Amanda Wicks

Flo Rida must’ve taken a page out of his former collaborator Kesha’s book. In a song that feels similar in scope to her hit “Timber,” Flo Rida debuted a new track “Who’s With Me?” that shows off his country side. It’s a marked departure for the artist who tends to focus his efforts on slick dance tracks.

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The lyrics are straight up Flo Rida, but the music has a decidedly country feel, including a hyped up slide guitar and a honky tonk beat with an R&B flare.

“Oh my lord, the light is going down and the weekend’s here/ Save my soul, I can feel it coming, trouble’s in the air,” Flo Rida sings in the song’s opening. It barely even feels like his type of song until the beat busts in and things get to steppin’. Aside from singing, Flo Rida gets back to his comfort zone on the verses, which he raps with his usual spit and verve.

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